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English Grammar In Marathi APK

Simple and easy way to learn English Grammar In Marathi

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Learn English grammar in Marathi language in easy and simple way.

If you don't know the English grammar, your confidence is low while talking in English. We often fear about the correctness of the language we are speaking. This English Grammar In Marathi is designed in a very easy and simple way to understand English Grammar and practice more and more to get the confidence.

This English Grammar in Marathi application is divided into two parts
Rules (नियम)

Rules gives you idea about which tense is used in which situation also it explains rules to form the sentence, how to use nouns, adjective, prepositions etc.

Practice section of English grammar in Marathi application contains many examples to revise the rules which we have studied. If you keep practicing some topics daily, it will help to boost your confidence.

The English Grammar In Marathi application covers the following topics.
Simple Present Tense साधा वर्तमान काळ
Present Continuous Tense चालू वर्तमान काळ
Present Perfect Tense पूर्ण वर्तमान काळ
Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Simple Past Tense साधा भूतकाळ
Past Continuous Tense चालू भूतकाळ
Past Perfect Tense पूर्ण भूतकाळ
Past Perfect Continuous Tense
Simple Future Tense साधा भविष्यकाळ
Future Continuous Tense चालू भविष्यकाळ
Grammar in Question
Noun नाम
Adjective विशेषण
Adverb क्रियाविशेषण
Prepositions शब्दयोगी अव्यय
Common_Mistakes सामान्य चुका

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