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Environmental Studies- Complete Reference Guide

The word ‘environment’ is derived from the old French word ‘environer’ – which means to ‘surround, enclose, and encircle’. Environment refers to an aggregate of conditions or surroundings in which living beings such as humans, animals, and plants live or survive and non-living things exist.
All living beings including man and their environment are mutually reactive, affecting each other in a number of ways. It is generally equated with nature wherein physical components of the planet earth such as earth, air, water, etc. support and affect life in the biosphere.
In this app you will find the following information: environment ecosystem classification of ecosystem related information, functions of ecosystem related information, ecological pyramid, energy flow in ecosyste, natural resources, water resource, mineral resources ,land resources, energy resources, biodiversity, biodiversity hotspots, threats to biodiversity, conversation of biodiversity, pollution & control, air pollution, water pollution,noise pollution, soil pollution, solid waste management,hazardous waste management,water waste management,global environmental problems,ozone depletion, deforestation & desertification, international protocols, policy & legislation ,air,water & forest acts, environmental impact assessment, towards sustainable future
Nature or environment sustains life. As a conscious and rational being, man needs to know the importance of environment and help keep the environment as healthy and productive as it can be. It is the environment that has made this beautiful world possible for him. Hence, there is an ever demanding need for environmental studies.
The natural environment that mankind had before the onset of industrialization, urbanization, and exponential growth in population was expectedly healthy and resilient. Nature was able to replenish the loss of its resources, which was very limited. After the onset of modern civilization, the overall health and efficiency of natural environment started deteriorating gradually and went on to such an extent that nature has virtually lost its natural ability to replenish the loss of resources caused by man.
Environmentalists, geographers, and biologists the world over are constantly endeavoring for a sustainable solution to restore a sustainable environment.
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