A quick survey of the geological eons and ages of earth.

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A simple reference which hopefully gives a good survey of the geological eons and ages of earth.
I plan to develop it with a focus on unifying different aspects of the development such that geological time scale, fauna, temperature and atmospheric properties are integrated visually in a way that makes the connections easy to remember.

It is my first app, and in this early iteration it contains little more than the names of the time spans. It is written using Qt, which makes extensive use of graphics acceleration hardware.

Important: This app depends on the well-known Qt installer Ministro, which you will be prompted to install automatically. Everything should work out flawlessly (I hope).

The non-lite version (soon to be released) will contain information about each time unit.

I can be reached at rene@catatonic.dk for questions, bug reports and feature requests.

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Eons to Ages Lite 0.4

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