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Jul 14, 2017

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Epic Battle Dinosaur Racing 3D - Dino Simulator 17 GAME

This game will take you to one of oldest stone ages in the history where the old Greek and Egyptian Kings use to arrange the different types of the event of animals fighting and animals racing. These events were only arranged for the entertainment of the kings and for general public. In these events, different kinds of animals were caught from different parts of the country. This game is one of those events which the Kings were entertained.

So are you ready for one of the best Dinosaur racing and quad stunts game? In this game, you are playing as a dinosaur. In this game, you will start racing with other dinosaurs. You have to win the racing game and save your dinosaur before it dies. You only survival mission for dinosaur is to win the race. In the way of racing, there are different types and dangerous dinosaur. Do not collide with them otherwise, your dinosaur will die and the game will be finished.

So this is an Epic Jurassic Battle Park for the player. Here the players are the dinosaurs. A Jurassic world battlefield is arranged for the racing & quad stunts of the dinosaurs. So be the best racing player ti win the dino world racing game. This is a different game from car racing. No jeep racing only the huge animals are racing in the park. Take your dinosaur and start the racing player.
Best of luck for the dino world racing game simulator 2017.

Game Play of Jurassic Theme Park Dinosaur Racing:
• Tilt device right/left to move left/right
• Tap the boost button to speed up the Dinosaur
• Avoid hitting Dino and other obstacles!

Features of Dino World Racing and Stunts Simulator:
• Easy and Smooth Control of the game.
• HD Racing and stunts racing Graphics.
• Gravity sensor control direction, smooth working
• The realistic Sounds of the Dinosaur.

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