Epic quest - Marble lines - Marbles shooter APK

Epic quest - Marble lines - Marbles shooter


A difficult but fun style marble shooter game set in an Egyptian!


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Feb 27, 2020
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Epic quest - Marble lines - Marbles shooter Game

🎇 Epic Quest - Marbles shooter - you have to survive over different secret scenes in adventure. Complete all the levels in challenge mode like marbles classic. In this marble games, the speed of your marble shoot has to be faster than the speed of moving marble lines. The goal is to clear out of marble lines the screen in a race against time in which your skills will be tested.

🎇 Game Features:
📌 Many secret maps to make the marble games more addictive.
📌 A lot of new items to make the marble shooting much more interesting and challenging.
📌 Arrows, bombs and more interesting props you should learn from marble games.
📌 Well-designed maps carefully designed to make the game more enjoyable and addictive.
📌 Marble shoot mysterious(frozen, lightning, magical) waiting for you to explore.
📌 Marble games is a free, action puzzle game play

How to play:
📌 Match three or more of the same color
📌 Tap on the transmitter to exchange the position between current and next marble.
📌 Combo and make marble lines increase score
📌 Use props to help you pass the level.

🎇 The Marble shooter starts with awesome Egypt theme. Epic Quest - Marble shooter classic brings a fresh new experience unlike other marble shoot games! Marble shoot to form three or more same-colored marbles to eliminate them. Your target is to eliminate all the marble lines, but don't let the marble lines reach the end. And make more combos and chains to get the highest score, try to get three stars in each level! Marble games have many different and challenging levels. Marbles classic is easy for all ages to pick up and play marble shooter.

Free! You won’t be able to stop playing with Marble shoot

🎇 Practice your game skills in this marble shooter adventure!
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