Riders can get feedback from trainers all over the world.

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Is your favorite trainer a few hours drive away, are you curious whether your test is going to get you points or did you always wanted to be teached by someone from another country? That’s no problem anymore. With EquiPro you can record a video of your riding and send it to any instructor or judge that you want. Everybody can sign up, as rider or as trainer. EquiPro is suitable for all disciplines on all levels.

Why do you use EquiPro as a rider?

1. Choose from whom you want to have feedback
You’ve got a wide selection of choices between instructors and judges of whom you can request feedback, all over the world. You can filter in discipline, fee or level. Is your local trainer not yet on the list? No problem. They can easily create a profile on EquiPro.

2. You get spoken feedback
All video’s are send without sound to the instructors and judges. This way the trainer can directly record the feedback on the moving image. You will know exactly where your points of improvement are or on which parts you are doing everything right.

3. Ask specific comments
Are there any exercises that you want to work on and you where you want to put the focus on? With your video you can add a question or comment, to get the right feedback that you can use to improve your training.

4. Decide how much you want to spend
EquiPro uses credits, which you can buy with iDeal, creditcard, or PayPal, among others. Every trainer decides his or her own fee, so you can choose how many credits you want to spent.

Why do you use EquiPro as a trainer?

1. Expand your clientele
Did you get a request for teaching, but is the customer too far away for you? With EquiPro distance won’t be any problem anymore. Just create an account and let your customer send you video’s with specific working points, so you can still teach them.

2. Choose your own fee
You don’t have to hand in income with EquiPro. Decide yourself how many credits you want to receive for giving your feedback.

3. Choose your own customers
Is there a reason why you can’t give somebody your feedback? No problem. You can accept or decline requests for feedback, so you keep in control of your clients.

4. Use EquiPro as a rider
Besides giving feedback as a trainer, you yourself can also record video’s and send them to instructors or judges. You will get an extra option in the menu of the app for giving feedback.

What's New

Improvements in the payment process
Crash fixes for newer Android versions

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EquiPro - the app for riders and trainers! 2.0.5

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