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Create a correct and complete ration in just a few minutes.
In the app, you can enter information about your horses and their feed and then calculate a complete ration for each individual horse according to their needs.

The app is aimed at those who want to easily calculate their horse's ration directly in the stable using your smartphone.

In the app, you save the values ​​of your horse, such as weight, age, work, etc. then you save the values of the horse's feed and then you can immediately get a complete ration that shows what the horse needs, what the horse gets and what the difference is between the intake and what the horse needs.

With some change, such as new hay analysis, change of stable or training, you can easily enter and change the values ​​of the horse where the conditions have changed and calculate a new ration.

In the app, you can not only save a horse and its feed, but you can save all your horses and their feed!

The app provides an indication of the horse's ration.
The values ​​listed in the app should be seen as guideline values ​​and be supplemented with your own observations and knowledge of your horse.

What's New

Fixed some terrible bugs that cause the app to crash

New functionality for calculating sugar intake
New functionality for calculating starch intake
New functionality to allow user to set amount DM/100 kg horse to use in calculations
New settings menu
Corrected translations

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EquiRation 2.8.3

Updated: 2019-05-29 (6 months ago)

2.60 (22) 2019-01-14
2.03 (16) 2018-09-24
2.0 (15) 2018-09-14
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