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Eroticism is a great incentive of life. It gives us satisfaction, tenderness, complicity, pleasure, but it can also be cause for concern, doubts and anxiety. Through these tips, we want to help you overcome any small or big problem that prevents you from fully enjoying your sexuality. For that reason we have brought for you the best application of erotic music.

In this application of erotic music we have selected the best and most fantastic erotic music stations that will awaken sexual desire for your partner. Sexy music, passionate music, relaxing music, sensual music, seduction music, music to make love, healing music, music for stress, instrumental romantic music,

With this application of erotic music you can have a super nice and rewarding feeling to know that you do it with someone you love and not for doing it as
Stimulation, desire, caresses, pleasure, time, romantic thoughts, music, hugs, kisses, among others.
In this application specifically erotic music that is part of the loving rite. Musical interventions in erotic rites. This includes the composition of love songs, the practice of singing and belly dancing. Initiation of magic and eroticism are always linked with pleasure. Whether passionately, or sensual and relaxing.
Now with this application of Indian music. How about starting with a rich Arab dance? Or, a delicious dinner by candlelight? You choose, let your imagination fly and forget the limitations.

There are numerous studies that show that music can enhance desire and promote the encounter as a couple. the most voted soundtrack to make love is "Dirty Dancing", while the song "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye, was the favorite to enter the environment. You, do you have any other in mind? in this app you will enjoy a number of stations for all tastes.
Among the most representative singers of erotic music we have: Kayar Silkenvoice, Sexsonica, Real Women, Real Erotica, Daija, TANI NAOMI, 書 上 奈 朋 子, Gina79, Jazztronik, Jack or Jive, Che, Fey, Vikter Duplaix, Aco, SexyPhone, Machine Gun Fellatio, Dirty Fan Male, Smood vs. Natascha Grin, Bobby Matos, Ramona Rey, Reiko Ike, Luísa Maita, among others.
Some musical genres are quite related to romanticism and seduction, for example, blues, jazz, music of ancient Egypt, Arabic dance, Indian music, reggaeton, Japanese music, electronics, instrumental music, bossa, boleros, the ballads, the classical music, the "ambient", the tango. "But definitely the preferences are very particular and depend on the age, the personal style and the experiences that we live", the pleasure is of each of you to select the station that you like the most.

In this app you will find the best erotic music stations like: adio Cykx, Deep Pockets Jazz, Quiet Village Radio - Tiki music 24/7, Dj_ALem, WFMU, Intamixx UK Radio - Punjabi Bollywood Indian Hindi Asian Classic, Punjabi Songs .com Radio - Bhangra and Punjabi Jams Non Stop - Desi Bollywood Indian Hindi, Nicomorr Radio, MRAM 1500 CUYAHOGA FALLS OHIO USA, Radio33 - No Music, No Life, Chill-out Zone, Radio Bolero among others.

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