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Oct 31, 2021

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Many dog ​​owners have already experienced it themselves: suddenly their best friend injured himself while playing, was bitten by another dog or has eaten something he shouldn't. At this moment you are often overwhelmed and because of all the excitement you don't know what to do first. In this case, the popular "First Aid Dog" app has been around for around 10 years and has been available for Android since September 2020. It provides you with all the information on your smartphone that you need to have quickly to hand in an emergency.

The main focus of the app is an alphabetical list of symptoms and measures. In the corresponding chapters, you can find out quickly and at a glance what to do in an emergency.

When developing the app and writing the content, we made sure that you can find the information you need in your situation as quickly as possible. We have therefore dispensed with any bells and whistles and decorative accessories. Because this app is not supposed to entertain, but to help - and as quickly as possible.

We have also deliberately avoided taking photos. Instead, we hired a professional graphic designer to create schematic graphics for the most important situations. Studies have shown that reduced illustrations are captured faster than photos.

Please note: The content of the app is identical on a smartphone and tablet. Since the app is designed as a reference work for on the go, the explanations of individual chapters on a tablet may appear briefly. However, this is intended so that the most important information can be conveyed quickly in the event of an emergency.
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