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Última Versión

NombreAltras APK
Versión2.2.4 (20204)
Actualizada24 de 10 de 2021
DesarrolladorAltras International
CategoríaAplicaciones, Finanzas

Aplicación Altras Money Transfers

Transferencias fáciles y convenientes como comprobar sus correos electrónicos de dinero.

Why use Altras for Money Transfer

1. The power to send money to your family and friends is in your pocket with Altras Money Transfer App.
2. Send money on-the-go, anytime and Track a money transfer directly from your mobile device.
3. Calculate the cost of you transaction before send.
4. Make instant in-app payments for your convenience.
5. Your money is delivered instantly depending on the opening times of the pay-out agents.
6. You can make payment in GBP and EUR.
7. Available 24/7, Industry-leading payment security.

With Altras Money transfer App, you have everything you need to send money quickly and easily.

Altras money transfer is Committed to the highest level of professionalism and ethical standard.

* Limits and fees for sending money vary based on the country and city of the Receiver.

Our app allows registered customers to manage their accounts, beneficiaries, declare new transactions and to monitor existing ones.
You will also be able to make instant in-app payments for your convenience.
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