Budget: expense tracker, planning and statistics APK

Budget: expense tracker, planning and statistics

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Última Versión

NombreBudget APK
Versión2.1.1.1 (214)
Actualizada05 de 01 de 2021
CategoríaAplicaciones, Finanzas

Aplicación Budget: expense tracker, planning and statistics

Alcanza tus metas financieras. Gratis 45 dias de prueba

Have you ever encountered the fact that at the end of the month you don’t understand where all your money went?

Every time you promise yourself to save, but the month is too long to remember it every day?

We, too.

Therefore, we created the “Budget” - a convenient tool for controlling personal finances.

In a game form we will show you:
- How to quickly and easily add revenues and expenses
- How to plan expenses.
- How to keep all your accounts in one place.
- How to add family members to the app and turn accounting into a fun time.
- Data is synchronized on all mobile devices with access to the Internet.
- We support several currencies at the same time, which makes the application ideal for travel.

If you have never had a budget before:
- Our application will help you create and plan “routine” monthly income and expenses so that you can compare the desired costs with real ones.
If you are not creating a budget for the first time:
- You can fully customize your budget for yourself, for example, to keep the budget of a private entrepreneur or a small business.
- Or keep several budgets at the same time.

So then what?

We do not promise you that after using our application you will become rich and famous. But we are sure that we will help you and your family understand where the money is spent and catch interesting patterns.
- You can view all the data in a beautiful infographic of your income and expenses.
- We have a unique calendar where you can view purchase history and statistics by day.

We are sincerely happy to help, so the first 45 days of subscription are free! We are sure that, during this time, with the help of our service you can save a lot more before we ask for a permanent subscription.

Your data is completely secure in Amazon data centers.

The service works with cloud storage, automatically synchronizing all the data in the background.

You can use the application from several devices (for example, from a phone and tablet) - your data will be automatically synchronized between them. Soon it will also be possible to work through the website.
We protect your data using encryption in combination with other communication security technologies, and our servers are located in the Amazon Web Services data centers in Ireland, providing the highest level of security.

You can find more information about data protection in the "Privacy Policy" section or on our website at https://www.apptronic.net.
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