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Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M

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Última Versión

NombreBullet Angel APK
Versión1.5.12.02 (1100801202)
Actualizada26 de 11 de 2021
DesarrolladorKingame Studio
CategoríaJuegos, Acción

Actualizada - Novedades

1. Season 5 Battle Pass: All Hallow's Eve
2. Season 5 Ladder Race: Shock Wave
3. New systems: Personalized Lobby, Battle Pass Gift, Purchase Installment
4. New Modes: Partner Bomb Mode
5. New Maps: Atum Temple, Dusk Farm
6. New event: Halloween Party, Water Lantern
7. New suits and weapons: Rock Devil, Evil Gangster, Pumpkin, Lava, Violent Gangs, Cruel Gangs
8. Bug fixing and experience optimizing

Juego Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M

¡La temporada 5 está aquí junto con la fiesta de Halloween y los eventos Water Lantern Wish!

Bullet Angel is a modern & stylish FPS mobile game by Xshot developer. Launched in 2009, the PC game is quite popular in South East Asia. It has all the classic elements gamers love and is specially developed for mobile platforms. From PC to mobile, let’s carry on with Bullet Angel and enjoy the evolved FPS gaming excitement!

--Season 5 with HolidayEvents--
Halloween Party, Water Lantern event and much more! Join the event to win points, you can easily get Halloween themed gears, water lanterns and many other themed items. Let's have fun celebrating in Bullet Angel!
S5 is also coming with new modes such as Partner Bomb, and new maps such as Atum Temple & Dusk Farm. There's full of new surprises you can't miss!

--Massive Content with Top Notch Quality--
With decades of development experiences, we remade the classic FPS game for mobile platform, with the cutting-edge Unreal 4 engine. Bullet Angel is born a high quality mobile FPS game.
With classic maps such as Aden Army Warehouse, The Ancient City of Loulan, Whampoa Dock and Pharaonic Temple, unique elements such as the Mummy-Hero, dance to restore HP, Bullet Angel continues your memories in a newly evolved mobile battlefield!

--Thrilling Game Modes to Unlock--
Bullet Angel is much more than a simple remake. Your favorite games modes are now on mobile and evolved! No matter it’s hardcore TDM, Ghost, Melee/Sniper Combat, or casual&funny modes like Chicken Run, both pro&casual gamers can find what they like and have fun in Bullet Angel!
With Bullet Angel’s advanced rank system&social system, you can claim your title and meet new friends or even your soul mate!

--The Classic Mummy Mode is Back--
A battle between human and mummies in ancient temples, and human turns into mummies once infected, only one kind survives by the end!
With multiple perks at your hand, your skills&wisdom will still be tested in the dark temple. Come join the challenge!

--Dance Your Way to Victory--
Low on HP? No worries for death and revive cold down, you can do a fully customized dance move to restore health, and give your enemies a sudden attack!
There is even cool BGM for dancing in the mobile game! You feel absolutely natural dancing in a battlefield!

--Stylish Gears & Outfits--
In Bullet Angel, gear&outfits are much more than the realistic ones! Electric, jungle, steampunk and hand drawing......Use all kinds of stylish gears & outfits to fully customize your character! The only limit is your imagination!
Hundreds of skins for you to choose, you won't look same with anyone on the field!

--Adjustable Control at Your Fingertips--
Bullet Angel has easy to use & adjustable control interface, all fully optimized for mobile gaming! Adjust sensitivity, recoil, range etc...From rookie to pro, all gamers can find your favorite control setup!
No high end devices needed. Bullet Angel is fully optimized for devices from major brands.

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Discord: https://discord.gg/zwY89P49DE
Official Website: https://www.thebulletangel.com/?lang=en
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