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Are you a Free Fire fan and want to learn all about the game?

We give you tips and tricks on how to improve your game, the special skills of the characters so that you know which one to choose, the characteristics of the best weapons, how to get coins and diamonds legally and when to use each vehicle.

If you're looking to learn more about the weapons in Free Fire and know which are the best, here you'll find information that will guide you through the pros and cons of each weapon. Discover all their features and the amount of extras or accessories to add, as well as the availability in loot or drops. We will use numbers taken from the official game page.

Free Fire players not only want to win, but also have unique weapon looks and skins. For this, it is necessary to accumulate gold and diamonds by playing or paying with real money. Due to the amount of options, events and menus, many of us may feel confused.

But don't worry, take a look at our guide to Free Fire and find out what the methods are to win gold and diamonds, and how to spend them to unlock different items available in the game. In addition to using diamonds to buy in the shop, you can also activate the elite pass, rotate in Royale Diamonds to buy characters, upgrade them or even unlock their skills.

Find out which vehicles are available to you in Free Fire. Don't miss the chance to get to know them better and know when it's worth using one or the other.

In the Free Fire Guide you will find:

- Complete Guide to the Free Fire game
- Characteristics of the best weapons
- Story and skills of all characters so you know which one to choose
- Tips and tricks to master the game
- Characteristics of all vehicles
- Methods to get coins and diamonds completely bequeathed, available only within the game
- Regular updates so you're always up to date
- Free

In this application you will not find:

- This application is not a hack to get free diamonds for Free Fire
- You won't find any tip to hack the Free Fire game

An essential and well-organized guide for you to learn everything you need before you start the game. Download it now if you want to know all the details, secrets, tips, tricks and strategies of Free Fire, as well as the ways to win diamonds in a totally legal way.

Is there anything you can't find in this Free Fire guide? If there's something you'd like us to add, leave it in the comments and we'll consider it in future app updates.

Note: This application is informative. It does not provide free diamonds for Free Fire. It does not require any user data or access to any server. It does not attempt to sell third party products to the user. They are legal advice. It is not intended to profit from third party services or to cause damage to the user's device or third party services.


This is a fan application and Free Fire has nothing to do with it. This content is not affiliated, endorsed, endorsed, sponsored or approved specifically by Free Fire and therefore is not responsible for it. It is a third party application. All images are licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY attribution license.
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