Deltarune disfruta de una aventura increíble con Kris y Susie en el mundo de Deltarune.


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5 nov. 2018
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Detlarune GAME

Deltarune It’s a testament to the role-playing game’s stellar design that player choice

winds up having such a lasting impact, both in-game and emotionally upon the player.

However, Deltarune chapter 1 makes one thing immediately clear: your choices don’t matter

The opening moments of Deltarune are pulled off tremendously. The unannounced game came in

a file called “SURVEY_PROGRAM,” and it starts out as one would think. It asks players

several questions, and they eventually wind up creating their own character after choosing

from different body parts. It’s a standard procedure in many games
As soon as players finish making their character, they are greeted by a sudden message:

“Your answers, your wonderful creation will now be discarded,” says the text prompt. It

then delivers an important warning: “No one can choose who they are in this world.”
That brilliant opening segment does a great job of setting the tone that Deltarune follows

throughout its first chapter. It uses the original basis of to set player expectations and

then it constantly throws it on its head. From the way text is presented to the battles,

there’s an underlying sense of familiarity with the game since it’s so familiar to its

predecessor. However, all this really does is help highlight what has changed.
Immediately upon the actual Deltarune game starting, players are greeted with a familiar

sight in Toriel. The goat once again is cast in a similar role, as she serves as a mother

to the player. However, instead of doing everything in her power to protect the player from

the dangers that lurk in society, she instead is happy to have her child interacting with

Toriel drives Kris to school, and that’s where even more familiar faces are seen. The

Deltarune lovable klutz that is has gone from being a scientist to a school teacher, and

several other inhabitants can be seen in the classroom. By throwing all of these callbacks

in the face of the player upfront, Fox is making sure they mentally recall the events and

themes of the first game. It’s all setting up further subversion whilst not sacrificing the

game’s own story by beating the player over the head with direct references to the

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