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22 mar. 2022
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Juego Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt Game: Hunting the ducks will be fun!

In Duck Hunt Game, you have to shoot ducks that show up on your screen & with the help of a dog, you can hunt more ducks. The ducks will appear each time in turn, and the player is offered three chances to shoot them. Each time a player will get points after shooting each duck.

In the first round, if the player shoots the necessary number of ducks, the player will progress to the next round; in other cases, the player will get a game over. The difficulty level increases as the game player proceed to higher rounds; targets will move quicker, and the base number of targets to shoot will increase. Each player will receive points after shooting a target and get bonus points for shooting all targets in a single round.

Easy to play
Attractive & Eye-catching graphics
Amazing gameplay
Smooth & Adjustable gameplay controls
Hunting will be fun in this game
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