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21 feb. 2020

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► This app is intended for GameBench licensees. It requires a valid GameBench account. If you would like to trial this app, please sign up for a trial at https://www.gamebench.net/trial/sign-up .

GameBench is an award-winning, pro-grade tool used by thousands of bloggers, studios, phone makers and enthusiasts who want to test mobile game performance and measure FPS (frames per second).

► A one-time PC connection is needed -- Google hasn’t designed Android in a way that makes it easy for non-developers to test performance. Our tool gets around this problem, but a USB connection to a Mac, Windows or Linux PC is essential to get GameBench started.

The tool is very easy to use, requiring no coding or other specialist know-how, no SDKs, no rooting and only standard Android permission settings.

GameBench allows you to test real games and applications on real phones and tablets -- simply by playing. It measures frame rate for any game or application, and records other performance metrics that are vital early predictors of customer experience and commercial success, including:

 • Frame rate stability and janks (aka micro-stutter);
 • Resource usage, including CPU and GPU bottlenecks as well as excessive memory footprint (a predictor of crashes);
 • Power consumption, including both instantaneous power and battery drain rate, and also battery temperature;

For full instructions, tips and documentation, please go to: https://docs.gamebench.net

Screenshots of sample log are taken from Despicable Me: Minion Rush (DMMR). DMMR is owned and developed by Gameloft, Gameloft retains all rights to DMMR.
Terms of Service may be found at: https://www.gamebench.net/legal/terms-of-service
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