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Última Versión

Versión1.1.3 (20160908)
Actualizada08 de 09 de 2016
DesarrolladorSoalib Incorporated
CategoríaAplicaciones, Comunicación

Aplicación GhosTrack

Busque y pista sin Internet

► WHATS IT FOR: GhosTrack is perfect for anyone who wants to stay connected or wants to track someone or something in the Android Platform:

➜ Identify other phone location
➜ Exact location of a moving Vehicle (car, bike, motorcycle, boats, etc.)
➜ Tracking Kids for Paranoid Parents
➜ Anti theft Applications
➜ Determine location of Spouse, Travelers, Hikers, Bikers, Paragliders, Friends
➜ Tracking far away from home
➜ Medical, Marketing and Sales representatives location identification
➜ Pet Tracker
➜ Safety for Your teenager
➜ GPS Tracker
➜ Offline or Internet less tracking or Internet free Tracking.
➜ Surveyor
➜ Location Tracking

► GhosTrack: GhosTrack provides instant location data of another phone via SMS. Real-time location updates are also done by SMS. The position of target phones are displayed on a map, which updates upon request.

► GhosTrack uses SMS for location determination because SMS is instantaneous. Internet based location transfer needs continuous net connection which uses service polling that drives the battery down quicker. If you are paying for Internet per megabyte, then you will love GhosTracks OFFLINE mode.

There are two type of location transferred: GPS and Network location. GPS location uses GPS technology with cell tower data. When satellites are not available, it can use network location, which is the location determined by the cell tower.

☑1. To start tracking, the admin phone (the phone who wants to track other phones) create(s) account for the target phone(s) with the correct phone number of target(s). Each target phones must have GhosTrack installed. When the name appear in the list, admin user simply touches the user to get its current location. The app sends SMS to the target phone(s) and obtains location data via SMS almost instantaneously. The location is then displayed on a map.
☑2. GhosTrack have low battery alert for target phones. If the target phone enables the battery alert, it will send an alert to another user phone. This helps target phone, which is used to track a vehicle or children to remind them to recharge the phone. The user sets the percent of battery charge remaining at the target phone, below which will trigger the battery alert.
☑3. If you are paying for each mega bytes, then this app will sure to save you money by using non-periodic SMS location update. Most service providers in the USA offer free countrywide SMS. If your SMS is not free then there is a small cost to send each SMS.
☑4. GhosTrack will also include Internet based location transfer in its next major release.
☑5. GhosTrack allows you to find lost or stolen phone.
☑6. GhosTrack have a privacy mode which the target user may set if they do not want to be tracked.
☑7. Position streaming allow targets to send SMS when targets move a minimum distance or time interval. The positions are saved by the source phone, which can later be displayed on the map to show the targets path.
☑7. Geo Fencing allows you to define a circular region in the map. When your phone enters or exits that region, a notification will be made in your phone.
☑8. OFFLINE mapping in (paid version)
☑9. Quick SOS by SMS (paid version).

☼ GhosTrack MUST be installed on EACH Android 4.0+ phone which is needed to be TRACKED.
☼ NO Internet needed in OFFLINE mode.
☼ TARGET phones does not need Internet.
☼ Offline Maps available for the entire world.

☢ Storage, Phone State, Internet, Billing, SMS, Read Contacts, Network State.
Demo version can track only one user. Want to track more users?
Upgrade to the Pro version through the App for just $1.99 to track unlimited users, track Offline, send SOS.
Soalib Incorporated Apps contain ABSOLUTELY NO ADS.
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