¡American beach party es un juego de experiencia de manejo de playa totalmente nuevo!


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28 jul. 2020

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Great American Beach Party 3D GAME

Great American beach party summer 2020 is totally new beach drive experience game, in which you will get the feeling you are on a sand beach and will be able to drive this superb car, Taxi, bus and Ship. American beach party summer is new 3D game that includes live Rabbit dance, 3D beach and sea environment, speed, pick friend from their house and drop them to the beach for summer party.

So you have to pick friend and take them to the beach and enjoy summer party on beach in American beach party summer game. It’s getting hot out and you’re about to throw the party of the Summer!. Enjoy beach party music, and let’s dance with beach girls and other people in the Rabbit Dance Party.

Enjoy Driving Car in the water as your car can surf on water surface like a boat !

If You want to play a game with lots of fun play American Beach Party !

The Game has 3 Different Modes!

***Professional Mode***

In Professional Mode You can Earn Cash by driving Taxi , Bus and Boat on the beach and city near the beach !

***Hang Out Mode***

In Hang Out Mode You have to clear missions and perform all the activities on the Beach.

***Party Mode***

In Party Mode You can Enjoy Party on the beach and go over pizza Shop , Hire Cars , Ships and everything to Spend Your earned Cash And Enjoy! The Most Amazing thing in party mode is Rabbit Dance. Play and enjoy the party!

• Eye catching graphics: Smooth and Easy touch controls.
• Rock the party! Make sure no one should forget the party of a lifetime.
• Multiple stages with different environments to stroll the seaside.
• Amazing dance animation
• Amazing 3D beach and city environment.
• Simple and smooth controls.
• Realistic driving experience.
• Sea and beach environment to explore.
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