Guild Master: Medieval Merge Idle Blacksmith Game APK

Guild Master: Medieval Merge Idle Blacksmith Game


¡Conviértete en el maestro del gremio medieval del reino! ¡Fusiona, actualiza y descubre!


Última Versión

2 sept. 2020

Juego Guild Master: Medieval Merge Idle Blacksmith Game

Good day, masters! Welcome to our fantasy kingdom. Today you have a great opportunity to become the best guild master in the world! Put on the blacksmith apron, get the magic anvil, and explore the craft and improve your skills!

👉 The new class is the joiner. Unlock a new class - joiner. Craft shields, magic staves, and more!
Also, don't forget about the blacksmith class!
👉 Lootbox. Open the magic box to receive a random reward. Increase the power of your guild using magic.
👉 Daily reward. Log into the game every 8 hours and get a reward from the guild. This is a free reward for guild membership.
👉 Many small improvements.
👉 Technical improvements. The game now works better both on old smartphones and new ones.


Open all classes!
In the world of guilds, you can become anyone. Do you want to forge the best armor for the noble knights of the kingdom or clothing for the kings and its nobles? Want to equip your adventurer squads to visit dungeons and fight dragons? Or maybe you want to create artifacts for the Mages Guild? Create, merge and open new content in different sequences!

Create, use magic anvil
Imagine yourself as a real blacksmith! Use the magic anvil. Tap on it to earn crafting points. After accumulating enough points, an item will appear on the workbench. Upgrade your hammer and anvil, grow your power! Hire workers. They generate idle growth.

Merge and upgrade!
Merge items, unlock new content. Upgrade your workshop, expand your workbench to unlock new items and merge even more items!

Trade on the guild market. Buy goods from other guild masters, and merge them in your workshop. Spend earned gold or use gems!

Resources are collected offline!
Your workshops always generate income. They work, even when idle, when you are offline.

A kingdom to explore and discover!
Climb the career ladder in the guild and discover new classes and workshops throughout the magic kingdom! Increase might of your guild!

Contact Me
This is my first game, and I hope you enjoy it.😉
You can contact me by email:
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