Idle Pirates: Sea Adventures and Business Tycoon APK

Idle Pirates: Sea Adventures and Business Tycoon


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Última Versión

NombreIdle Pirates APK
Versión1.6 (3)
Actualizada24 de 09 de 2021
CategoríaJuegos, Casual

Juego Idle Pirates: Sea Adventures and Business Tycoon

Assemble a crew, fight for gold and create the greatest pirate empire

Get ready for pirate adventures! Mountains of gold are waiting. Assemble a brave crew, climb aboard the ship and start the way to domination by land and sea.

Every pirate island is full of different businesses that will bring you profit. Takeover shipyards, taverns, factories, mines and everything you can. Upgrade them to increase a profit like a pirate tycoon. Guns must be ready! Each of your enemies wants to snatch a better business.
Fight them with your brave crew and show who is in charge!
Manage your pirate band: hire corsairs who can not only participate in battles, but also can be managers in your business. They will bring even more income, because pirates love gold.

Lead your navy. Don’t forget the old pirate saying: part of the crew is the part of the ship. Upgrade your team members from simple sailors to boatswain, captain and further.
Control territories and expand your influence in all corners of the earth: Caribbean islands, Mediterranean, Oceania and many more. Your fleet will be legendary!

Enjoy free life and become the richest pirate tycoon in the seven seas. Yo-ho-ho!
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