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Learn Japanese - 1800 common sentences


Aprende 1800 frases comunes para hablar japonés naturalmente!


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7 feb. 2019
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***General introduction***
"Learn Japanese - 1800 common sentences” contains almost common Japanese sentences used in daily conversations. Imitate it and speak like nature Japanese!
The application content included over 1500 phrases which are divided into 19 topics, covering almost every situation from greeting in Japanese, go shopping, ask questions, hang out, eat foods, travel, visit places…Not only is suitable for the traveler but also students, businessman, teachers, homemakers or other professionals.

Phrases are presented by native speakers in the correct tone. Listen carefully and try to imitate speakers so that you can speak Japanese naturally.
Once you've finished listening to each topic, let’s practice with sentence-maker and quiz games. These tests help you remember deeply and have a quick reaction to the actual communication.

Main Features
★ Sentences listed
- 19 essential topics divided so you’ll know what and when to say each phrases. 
- Over 1,500 useful phrases for real situations

★ Audio auto-play part
- Built-in audio auto-play systems to force you listen all phrases
- Audio pronunciations to show you how Japanese native speaker actually pronounce them
- Pause to listen again sentences, hide romanji to check if you can read sentences without romanji

★ Practice test
- Customize questions to test your remembering of sentences, its meaning
- Unique sentence-maker game: the sentence components are separated into subject, auxiliary, verb, and so on based on the content you have just learned to help you remember the order of the Japanese grammar
- Customized repeat wrong answers to help you remember it.
- Review in the end of test showed you how many % did you remember

These tests help you remember deeply and have a quick reaction to the actual communication.

*** Learn Japanese - 1800 common sentences is very suitable for people **
- Self-study in Japanese from basic to advanced.
- Is preparing to practice Japanese JLPT or communication skills.
- Love Japanese culture.
- Learn Japanese through pictures
- Play games as a hobby.

Learn Japanese - 1800 common sentences is in developing process; we hope to receive your contribution comment to make it better.
Please kindly contact:
- Email: poro.lingo@gmail.com
- Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/poro.japanese/
Thank you very much and Good luck!
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