El software del dispositivo médico del Internet-de-cosas.


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21 feb. 2018

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Louviva APP

The Internet-of-Things health device software. The unique smart hardware enables controls via the Internet-of-Things product by utilizing various preset modes and music modes to allow lovers to indulge in synchronous and genuine experiences based on the Internet-of-Things. The ergonomically designed health device will provide you with brand-new experience. We publicly promise that we will never collect the private data from the user’s personal device in order to ensure the user a safe and private space. Here is where you can unleash the sentiments that you’ve kept hidden deep inside.
Product Features:
Manual control
Control your device settings by choosing between the 8 modes via the corresponding APP. With this APP in hand.
Multimedia Control
It is easy to make synchronous control of your device by utilizing music, watching videos.
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