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Magicabin: Witch's Adventure


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Última Versión

NombreMagicabin APK
Versión1.4.7 (86)
Actualizada23 de 11 de 2021
CategoríaJuegos, Casual

Juego Magicabin: Witch's Adventure

¡Explora, construye, romance, comienza tu vida mágica!

Welcome to Magicabin. 🏝️
Here, you can create a wonderful home with creativity and just a touch of magic. Awaken your powers and start a magical life!
You can also adventure on the world map and search for secret stories that have been hidden away.
Countless treasures lie hidden in the corners of this world. Can you find them? Mount your broom and get going!

Game Features:

🏠 You'll have your own fairytale home in a world of magic.

🍺 Freely arrange furniture with a DIY home builder. Every detail is totally in your control!

🌺Embark on adventures to collect materials for all kinds of magical furniture.

🕵️ Explore secrets to find hidden treasures and extraordinary furniture.

🧙‍♀️ Meet witches & wizards full of personalities in delightful stories.

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