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10 mar. 2018

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Memory Cleaner APP

Memory cleaner is an android optimiser, which can be used, to improve your android phones performance, by boosting its memory and reducing the battery consumption, using various optimization techniques.

The memory cleaner provides you with four options - Memory boost, Junk files cleaner, Battery saver and App manager.

The Memory boost option of this clean master app, enables us, to clear the unwanted RAM cache memory data.

The Junk files cleaner option, lets us, to eliminate all the junk files present in apps, thereby saving the phone memory space.

The battery saver option of this junk cleaner and memory booster, enables us, to save the battery power, by using various battery optimization techniques.

The App manager option of this clean master, enables us, to uninstall any of the unwanted user apps.

Get notifications regarding, the junk files, accumulated in your phone memory, battery draining out and the battery condition, using this ram booster cleaner or memory cleaner free.

Eliminate the junk files and unwanted apps, to create space, for your favourite music and photos, using this memory cleaner master and phone junk file cleaner for android, or battery booster for android.

Clear the unwanted RAM cache memory data, to improve the phone speed, using this RAM booster app and mobile battery booster. Save the battery power and increase the battery backup time, using this battery booster app, or memory cleaner and booster. Get ram booster download, and memory booster ram optimizer, for free.

Want to boost the memory and reduce the battery consumption of your phone? Then memory cleaner is the ideal memory booster and battery saver app to do so.

Key Features

1. Memory booster
Boost the ram memory, by clearing, the unwanted cache junk data, using this ram booster and cleaner, or battery saver and cooler.

2. Junk files cleaner or remover
Clean ram memory by clearing the junk files present in the apps, thereby optimizing the storage space, using this good phone cleaner best app.

3. Battery Saver
The battery saver feature consists of the following options.

a) Battery Information
Battery details like charge and time remaining, voltage, temperature, and capacity are displayed, in this cleaner booster and junk files remover.

b) Optimize Draining apps
Optimize the battery for draining apps, using this best battery saver for android or memory clean app.

c) Battery optimization modes - Short, Long and customised

Short mode
For high performance use the short mode of this master cleaner for android, or junk cleaner app and memory booster.

Long mode
Save battery using the long mode of this phone cleaner booster or ram memory cleaner.

Customised mode
Customised mode can be used to customize the settings like screen brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. as per your requirements, using the best memory cleaner or junk file remover.

d) Battery consumption
Get to know, the battery consumed, by each app in your phone, using this system memory cleaner and android memory cleaner, or mobile booster and ram cleaner .

e) Smart option
Smart option enables us to change the battery mode at a particular time in a day or switch modes based on battery level, using this boost Cleaner and tablet cleaner junk files cleaner app.

4. App manager
Uninstall unwanted user apps, using this memory booster and cleaner, or memory cleaner for tablet.

5. Notifications
Get notifications on junk files, battery charge status and condition of your battery, using this ram cleaner app and free junk file cleaner for android tablet or memory cleaner for android.

Memory cleaner is the best battery saver app and battery booster app, or mobile memory cleaner app. Download this top battery saver app and memory booster app or internal memory cleaner app , and keep a track on phone battery status and boost phone memory, all for free. Get memory cleaner download and battery saver download or battery saver app download on android for free.
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