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Última Versión

17 may. 2019

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Metal Slug 3 APP

Metal Slug 3, one of the best action games ever made, goes portable! Metal Slug is one of those series of game everyone needs to try at least once and now Metal Slug 3 is finally available for your Android mobile device, making it possible to play this classic wherever you are, without the need to carry your old NEOGEO around. Shoot, shoot, shoot! Metal Slug 3 is all about fast-paced 2D action. Move through the battlefield, avoid all the enemies and projectiles, get on all kinds of tanks and destroy everything in front of you. It can get quite chaotic but it never stops being a lot of fun! A big part of the game is the crazy vehicles you can get into. Enjoy causing destruction with the Slug Mariners, Drill Slugs, Elephant Slugs and the original Metal Slugs and Slugnoids. Nothing will stand in your way! Play through the whole game in its classic Arcade Mode or pick individual missions you like in Mission Mode. You’ve now got the chance to replay all your favorite stages and get better at the game this way. And there’s a whole exploration side to the game waiting for you! The map system has many branching paths, which means there isn’t just one way to reach the end, giving you even more reasons to retry the stages! Things are always more fun when you’re not alone! Join a friend in local multiplayer, via Bluetooth, cause even more destruction and reach the end of the levels together! Metal Slug 3 is pure chaos and action at its best and you can now take it anywhere you want, whenever you want!
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