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NombremShop APK
Versión4.0.0 (45)
Actualizada26 de 10 de 2017
CategoríaAplicaciones, Compras

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Hot update:

Login mShop by your Facebook account.
Chat system upgrade in an all-round way.
Vouchers will have more way to get and play.

other you need attention:

More recreational activities like Lottery scratchers and Wheel of Fortune.
Security system upgrade and bind mail.
Bug fix and more.

Aplicación mShop

mShop es la aplicación C2C de comercio electrónico más grande de Myanmar.

———— Million of Myanmar Users Prefered this shopping Application ————
1. Register to get Gold,invite friends to get Gold and Gold use to exchange gifts.
2. Thousands of commodities,you can buy everything!You can also directly map navigation to the store and pick up.
3. Exclusive special offer,buy cheaper than go to the store.Daily commodity big discount, the lowest price of Myanmar!
4. Safe shopping,Receive the goods before paying,No risk.
5. Timely customer service response, real-time online shop and orders conversation, dynamic SMS notification.
6. Quick delivery, Some of the goods can be served on the day.
7. After sales are guaranteed,buy and enjoy the seller's caring service.

———— Fifty thousand stores have been settled, easily to get super sales ————
1. Three step shop, take a photo with mobile phone camera and directly released products.
2. Mobile management shop, hold the business at any time and let your store 24 hours of business.
3. Chat with buyers, easy to accept orders, there are new orders SMS alerts.
4. Exclusive shop service guide, marketing, logistics and customer service solutions

mShop is a Myanmar exclusive mobile shopping software,set of buyers and sellers in one. Have commodity search / browse, shop / commodity / order management, commodity purchase, goods to payment, order inquiry, logistics tracking, credit evaluation, after-sales service and other functionsTo create a more convenient and happy life experience for our Burmese people.

———— Contact us ————
If you like us, please give me a full mark. We will be better for you
If you don't like us, please give us feedback in time, we will try our best to correct
If you want to join us, please send your resume
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