NSER House to House (FieldApp) APK

NSER House to House (FieldApp)


aplicación de encuesta de casa en casa recopilación de datos en más de 12 distritos de Pakistán.


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11 sept. 2017
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Aplicación NSER House to House (FieldApp)

BISP maintains the National Socioeconomic Registry-a database containing information on the socioeconomic status of over 27 million households (HH) across Pakistan except two agencies of FATA. The registry was created as a result of a Poverty Scorecard Survey (PSC), the first of its kind, undertaken in the years 2010-11. Survey covered almost 87% population of the entire country. The registry enables BISP to identify eligible households through the application of a Proxy Means Test (PMT), to scientifically calculate the poverty levels of the households, that determines welfare status of the household on a scale between 0-100.

NSER is used for provision of BISP benefits, including but not limited to, cash transfers, conditional and unconditional, to eligible beneficiaries. Additionally, BISP data is used by many other social development programs/initiatives launched by various provincial governments, donors, INGOs, NGOs and research organizations.
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