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15 dic. 2021

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Order or Origin: Time Warrior GAME

Play to receive 100 free draws, every card is an awesome hero.
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Enter a medieval world on the brink of collapse and unite the quarreling factions against the shade of the abyss.

Captivating Fantasy World
This medieval world is on the brink of collapse as the abyss threatens to swallow the light of the land. As the Divine Avatar from another world, unite the quarelling factions to save this world from chaos and extinction.

Stimulating Tactical Gameplay
Might is not always right. The strongest soldier does not win every fight, the largest army does not win every war. Utilize your tactical brilliance to uncover your opponents weakness and claim your victory!

Awakening Unique Units
Guaranteed mythical hero with each multisummon! Build memorable bonds with three warring races, 60+ beautiful heroes, each with unique abilities.

Unending Converstable Materials
There are no useless cards. Redesign your deck to exploit your opponents vulnerabilities and uncover the hidden potential of each card. With fully recyclable resources, there is no risk as you optimize your team.

Generous RNG Gods
P2W? F2P? RNG? All of these abbreviations, but the most important one is P4F. It's time we get back to Playing 4 Fun. Don't worry about the summons rates when you have guaranteed mythical characters, recyclable materials, and strategy-based combats.

For more information on the game, please follow our Facebook Fan Page:
Customer Service Email: orderororigin_en@tapzen.net
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