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11 mar. 2018
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PelisDroid S2 APP

PelisDroid S2 is an app to let you enjoy hundreds of films streamed from various different servers. In a matter of seconds you can start watching practically anything you want on your Android device (so long as you have a good Internet connection).

The way PelisDroid S2 works is straightforward. Basically it lets you access, with a tap, the full catalogue of some of the most popular movie streaming sites like Yaske, Latinomovies, Vixto, DivxaTope, and PelisPlus, among others. Once you've picked one, just search for the movie you want to watch and enjoy.

For most movies you can also pick which language and quality you want to watch it it. When you tap a link you can also opt to open the movie right in the app or play it in your preferred media player.

PelisDroid S2 is a terrific way to stream hundreds of films. Though it must be said that a lot of the available movies are in pretty awful quality.
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