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19 oct. 2020

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With the Perfect Privacy VPN App you get a first class VPN service for your Android devices. We have been protecting the privacy of satisfied users for over 10 years. Especially in public Wifi you need a VPN service you can rely on.

Build a VPN tunnel to your favorite VPN server and surf the Internet fast, anonymous & secure. With the VPN App from Perfect Privacy this is very easy.

Take a look at how many useful functions you can also use with our premium VPN service:

Defeat tracking

With TrackStop in our VPN network you can block over 30.000 tracking and advertisement domains. Activate and customize it to your needs in the user panel.

Phishing & Malware filter

Protect yourself against fraudulent websites. Block over 65.000 phishing and malware sites. Responsible parents also have the option to enable the child protection filter.

Protect against traffic manipulation with NeuroRouting

Extend the limits of conventional VPNs with artificial intelligence. Thanks to NeuroRouting, your traffic is brought as close as possible to the destination within Perfect Privacy's global encrypted VPN network. That way, your traffic is only exposed to the internet where it is unavoidable.

No Logs

Your privacy is the highest priority for us - this is what Perfect Privacy stands for. We do neither log any of your connection data, nor your activities. We don't even log which servers you connect to and how much traffic you consume.

Fast & Simple

Start and stop the VPN with just one push of a button. The connection remains active in the background until you disconnect the VPN again.

Maximum speed without traffic limits

Get the most out of your Internet connection with our super fast 1000 mbps VPN servers. There are no bandwidth or traffic restrictions.

Made for mobile devices

Stay online even in rough conditions. When switching networks, Perfect Privacy VPN reconnects within a blink of an eye.

One account for all your devices

Protect not only your Android Smartphone or Tablet but also your iOS devices, PCs, Macs, routers, Smart TVs and much more. With only one account you can use Perfect Privacy on all your devices - simultaneously and unlimited.

Highly Qualified Support Team

All our support agents are technically highly qualified and will provide competent support should there be any issues with your VPN connection.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

VPN access without risk: Should you ever be dissatisfied or change your mind, you will get your money back within 7 days. No questions asked.

Perfect Privacy is a paid service. All prices and terms can be found here:
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