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NombrePersonalized Diet APK
Versión2.10 (2010)
Actualizada07 de 02 de 2018
CategoríaAplicaciones, Salud y bienestar

Aplicación Personalized Daily Diet

Bajar de peso con personal, plan de dieta saludable (28 días)

* If you want to lose weight with your own diet list, you are in the right place.

* You can reach your special diet lists by entering weight, height, age, gender and eating habit information.

* You will find hundreds of special diet plans designed according to your eating habits, age, gender, ideal weight and season to lose weight easily.

* Special diet plans with adequate and balanced meals set daily for 28 days are available in this application.

*The diets, prepared by expert dietitians, to help you lose weight fast and safe way. The diets start the day with a strong breakfast .The lunch and evening menus can be prepared by healthy natural methods.There are 3 snacks increasing the metabolism rate.

* To lose weight effeectively, the points to be considered during the implementation of the programs have been shared.

* Those who want to gain weight, we have not forgotten you too. It is now very easy for you to access diet plans that enable to reach your ideal weight in line with the information provided.

* Application includes notifications that remind you of meal times.

Note 1: When the app is installed, only the first week days will be selectable. Do not worry! The days of the following weeks will also be accessible automatically when the relevant week is completed.

Note 2: If you like the app, we politely ask you to rate the app over Google Play Store.

Note 3: The app involves "mostly-plant based diets" and "all-food diets".
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