Pou aventura de piratas Uno de los mejores aventura de piratas en el año 2018 !! Lucy


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1 jun. 2018

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Pou Adventure Pirate GAME

Welcome to the life of Pou adventure pirate and Pou a Miners, ready to have fun and Brother oft Pou run playing! Jerry Lullaby or babies Discover the hidden treasures Pou rush egg and all the surprises you can imagine, foe exemple moy 4 run,moy 3 run, your new best friend! Pou pirate is just like a real pet, so you have to take care of him by Eating all coins, playing with him. Love your baby while he becomes part of your daily life.

Pou adventure pirate is very playful, and he would love to play with you in one of the 45 super fun Mini-Games. Buy beautiful clothes, decorations and customize your baby in any way you want with the money you earn from Collect coins. After playing all day make sure you make him master of animals.
- each location has hidden places, like the marsh, the secret cave.
- Beautiful cartoon & hand drawn like graphics
- 4 customizable characters and more than 5 animals.
- Fun physics based gameplay (jumping along Barriers to get forward)
- Collect in any way you want with the money you earn from Collect coins
- a new Pou adventure pirate Legend
- This game has no limits. Use your imagination to create your story and play with friends in a tablet

Download now and experience the joy of jumping along the vines through various environments!

Do you want the pirate world to grow? We hear you, send us your suggestions for korsa.live.one@gmail.com and incorporate your ideas into future updates.
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