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NombrePredictive Analytics APK
Versión1.7.1 (7)
Actualizada21 de 10 de 2020
DesarrolladorPredictive analytics
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Aplicación Predictive Analytics

Una aplicación de análisis y observación de activos para fines de seguimiento.

This app is created against the backdrop of the rising need of Data-Driven Business Solutions. There are three core areas where data matters to a business: improving decision making, improving operations and monetization of the data. Guided by these three needs, we have designed tools to be able to provide impact to businesses and organisation’s towards three pillars of Data to Discovery, Data to Decisions and Data to Dividends
Today business intelligence tools often require very little, if any, support from the IT department. Business managers can customize dashboards to display the data they want to see and run custom reports on the fly. The changes in how data can be mined and visualized allows business executives who have no technology backgrounds to be able to work with analytics tools and make data-driven decisions.
Data-driven decision management is usually undertaken as a way to gain a competitive advantage various studies have shown that organizations driven most by data-based decision making had higher productivity rates and higher profits. However, integrating massive amounts of information from different areas of the business and combining it to derive actionable data in real time can be easier said than done. It requires a combination of culture change and
These key trends shaping the industry have propelled us to engage in a new strategic positioning to navigate and seek alignment with the new dispensations.

This Platform will support the following
In order to build an insight driven organization the app will support following spectrums
1. Data Analytics
2. Tools deployment
3. Coaching and Training of professionals
1.Data Collections and Analytics
• Turn data into insight and act upon that insight.
• Quantitatively assess the effectiveness of the insights and the actions taken in response to the insights generated.
• Reconsider the full range of internal, external and unstructured data to be captured as part of each initiative.

2.Tools deployment
• Interlay into a data lake infrastructure to enable Big Data storage and processing.
• Collect GPS coordinates to Create a Geographic Information System Platform that will enable information sharing and reporting.
• Put in place a well-designed information model to ensure the analytics focus aligns with the business objectives.
• Strengthen internal management systems by develop management tools for risk aversion Finance Analytics, Employee Analytics, Customer Analytics for performance optimisation.

3.Coaching and Training of Professionals
• Create a mindset change to trigger affective domain transformation on the changing work landscape.
• Demonstrate an increased awareness on the importance of data analytics.
• Thematic training interventions for Board, IT, Management, Administration, Operations
• Improve operational efficiencies through use of modern reporting dashboards.
• Exhibit an understanding of the importance of innovative and analytical thinking.
• Generate more innovative ideas across the organisation.
• Maintain a positive mindset in the wake of changing business dynamics
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