Pyaray Rasool Ki Pyari Duaain With Hirz-e-Azam APK

Pyaray Rasool Ki Pyari Duaain With Hirz-e-Azam


La aplicación consta de auténtico masnun Duas y Namaz (árabe y urdu traducción)


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19 oct. 2018

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Aplicación Pyaray Rasool Ki Pyari Duaain With Hirz-e-Azam

- پیارے رسول کی پیاری دعائیں
- حرزاعظم
- نالہّ نیم شب

Pyaray Rasool Ki Pyari Duaain is a Free to Download App for the popular book by the same name that thousands of Muslim children and adults have been referring to for years. This is an ideal app to read, learn and teach the most important masnoon duas. Further, it also has authentic words of namaz as was taught by Prophet Muhammad (SAW). A compact and reliable dua & namaz app - simply a MUST for all Muslims.

The Book can be purchased from the Publisher whose contact details are provide on Page 2 of the App.

Currently the App content is in Arabic with Urdu translation.

The New Version of the App also contains two additional Dua booklets:
- Hirz-e-Azam ( حرزاعظم )
- Naala-e-Neem Shab ( نالہّ نیم شب )

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please make special Dua for the Publisher of the Book as well as developer of the App.
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