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28 feb. 2022

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QuadCore Processor Booster Max APP

Quad Core Processor Booster Max is a power packed application to make your quad core android device faster, smoother with big battery life, improved condition & stability. With single tap you can accelerate speed of your device by cleaning up cache, memory and stopping RAM occupying apps. You get more battery juice in your phone by hibernating power draining apps & processes.

You will have device with improved performance and stable condition, making your device like new; every time you use.

Quad Core Processor Booster Max - Speed Booster:
Most powerful Quad Core Processor Booster Max instantly boost up the speed of your device, The main function of Speed Booster is the ability to analyze your Android device and measure the processes that are consuming too much memory, trying to speed up the overall processing speed. Speed Booster also increase the processing speed of your Android device and clean the internal memory, getting rid of useless files that are just taking up space without providing any benefits giving you phone; much needed speed boost.

🔋 Quad Core Processor Booster Max - Battery Booster:
With help of Battery Booster you can choose to kill the background apps & processes which continuously keep running in the background; consuming ample amount of battery. Battery Booster saves & improve battery life by stopping these background apps & processes with just one single tap.

🛡️Quad Core Processor Booster Max - Stability Booster:
You can improve your phone's condition and stabilize your device by using Stability Booster. Stability Booster kill poorly performing apps & processes which occupy RAM & drain battery; releasing memory with cleaned up RAM which improve your device's condition and stabilize performance.

🎮Speed Booster, Game Booster:
With Speed Booster you can enhance you high end game playing experience. Whenever you want to play high end game just use Speed Booster, which basically closes all processes running in the background when you open a video game so that it will run more fluidly. This tool can be especially useful on older devices that have a hard time running more modern video games.

🚀More Speed More Fun:
Speed Booster kill all the battery draining, RAM occupying and poor performing apps & background processes to clean up device with more RAM |(memory), more battery & more stabilized device which enhance your smartphone experience. More Speed, More Battery More Fun!

Quad Core Processor Booster Max instantly give the much needed boost to your device with just one single tap.
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