Aplicación autónoma para ayudar a actualizar el Superbook de Sentio


Última Versión

2 may. 2019

App APKs

Sentio Superbook Updater APP

A smaller standalone application so that users can update their Superbook without the need to download the Sentio Desktop application.

This version will also upgrade on more Android models. Starting version of the model is Android 5.0 and will include a wider range of archs (including x86*).

Please use this application to update the Superbook firmware if Sentio Desktop doesn't work.

To get the full experience with Sentio Superbook, we highly recommend downloading our Sentio desktop as well as our desktop optimized File Explorer.

Sentio Desktop brings you all the desktop features you know and love coupled with mobile twists that turns your android device into a computer!

File Explorer allows you to link files and folders onto the Sentio desktop and to search through your files at tremendous speeds.

Download today: Sentio Desktop
Download today: Sentio File Explorer

For tutorials and guides, visit Superbook Medium Blog

For more information, visit www.sentio.com

For the android O setup guide, visit Sentio Oreo Guide

If you want to change your screen resolution, visit Sentio DPI Change Guide

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