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Última Versión

NombreSocials Addict APK
Versión6.5.2 (24)
Actualizada03 de 02 de 2016
CategoríaAplicaciones, Social

Actualizada - Novedades


-UX improvements
-Full lollipop support (5.0.x , 5.1.x)
-Bug fixes
-Code improvement

-Added "00:00:00" time format
-Added richer notification
-Added welcome screen
-Bug fix for lollipop
-Marshmallow support






Aplicación Socials Addict

La forma más inteligente de controlar su adicción para socializar.

The Innovative, Most famous & open-sourced App to Monitor your Usage of social networks.

Notice : more social networks are being added next updates.DON'T give us low rate because of this.

Introduction :

We are all addicted to social network to contact our family, friends, share news and see the world, and we waste alot of time in this thing, and it makes us less productive and study/work less, sadly.So we created this App to Calculate the time you waste on social networks, and share your statistics with the world..

By using Socials addict your time will be organized
By using Socials addict your life will be more productive
By using Socials addict you will control your addiction to useless social networks

Features :

✓ Track usage of 10 various networks + their 3rd party clients
✓ Share statistics on various networks with friends
✓ Share addiction state on various networks with friends
✓ share usage rate on various networks with friends
✓ Choose your favorite apps only to run
✓ Ram friendly
✓ Clear all results by one click
✓ Daily usage rate
✓ Light weight
✓ Works with about 90% of devices from 2.3.x to 5.x
✓ Start automatically on boot
✓ Material Designed
✓ get usage statistics directly from notifications (Jellybean and later)
✓ Stop tracking from notifications (Jellybean and later)
✓ Clear statistics daily
✓ Hide/Show ongoing notification
✓ Rich notifications

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