Los mejores acertijos de rompecabezas de cara de troll. Por siempre solo stickman Henry nuevo episodio.


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20 may. 2022

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Troll Face Quest Whack Boss:Knight Fleeing Complex GAME

New episode of stickman Henry. Based on the most hilarious internet memes. 20 crazy levels and nonsensical brain teaser for you to challenge. Full of hilarious pranks and funny trolls. Begin the troll adventure with unlucky Henry. We are sure you will laugh to the twist. Be a anti-troll and super troller or you will be trolled.

You should not be too serious to solve the complex puzzles. Just relax and try to think in another way. You will find it's a so easy and nothing is weird. In each level there is about 3 to 5 traps, be careful, or you will been trolled badly. Sometimes you can steal the diamond, at other times you can whack the boss, or be a troll knight saving the memes. 20 funny level. 20 troll challenge. One hour full of laughter and you are not alone. Try this stickman game and give him a max trol.

Features of trollface Quest:
- 20 brain-twisting game levels.
- Be careful of the unlucky alert.
- In to the mysterious world full of adam face memes.
- Help stickman anan escape from the prison otherwise he would be forever alone in the jail.
- To be a troller and whack your ex.
- A free stickman trolling tfq game.
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