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Última Versión

NombreWhatsPause APK
Versión2.7 (9)
Actualizada02 de 08 de 2018
DesarrolladorAppStar Downloader
CategoríaAplicaciones, Herramientas

Aplicación Whatspause to whatsapp

Read messages, reply Or start new chat in Whatsapp without change in last seen

Whatspause for Whatsapp is the first App that let you to pause, stop and freeze the last seen in whatsapp.
With whatspause you can chat with friends and family on whatsapp without changing the Last seen.
You can write text, send photos, videos, voice messages and documents without coming online.
No you are not dreaming, with whatspause that is possible now.

What you need to do? :
Step1: Open whatspause and activate the app by clicking “activate app” in the top left corner.
Step2: Click on the Whatspause logo, it will automatically open whatsapp.
Step3: Make your chatting with family and friends and then stop the Whatsapp from the background.
Step4: Go back in Whatspause and deactivate app.

Only with this 4 steps you can chat without changing the Last seen.

After writing in whatsapp its takes between 1 to 10 minutes to send the chats.
REMARK: we know that time to get messages deliver is little long, but in the next versions we will surely make the App better and minimize the waiting time to send the chats.

Please give the App 5 Stars. Have fun with Whatspause.
Hint: Whatspause for whatsapp is created by us, and it not an official WhatsApp application and not associated with WhatsApp Inc.
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