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Última Versión

Versión1.0 (4)
Actualizada30 de 05 de 2021
CategoríaAplicaciones, Productividad

Aplicación Wise

Choose to be wise

WISE is an all-in-one blockchain decentralized authenticator, crypto wallet, and identity management system, secured by Bitcoin, based on BNS from Stacks that is designed to facilitate the user’s experience and enhance security and privacy for any dApp application users. WISE users control and own their digital identity, own their keys, and share and communicate between each other with trust. No one has access to their keys, personal information, messages, files, photos, calls or any sort of data. Any digital identity cannot be attacked or used in any malicious way. Moreover, on top of the implementation of a secure and decentralized trust model of WISE encrypted digital identities (the public keys), users have access to a complete ecosystem based on STX tokens and smart contracts on Blockchain that help facilitate secure transactions of subscription services and incentives to participants. All user data is stored on a Web3 Blockchain and is end-to-end encrypted.
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