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Version2.5.0 (25001)
UpdatedApr 03, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperGameview Game Studio
CategoryGames, Role Playing

For thousands of years, there had been peace in the three realms, until a catastrophe occurred……
After the apocalypse, The Barrier of Kunlun has been unsealed. Demons and devils have raised, all for one purpose; to claim the ancient artifact.
The chosen one, beginning from the Kunlun Village, will now go on a journey to seek for the artifact. The Underworld Lord will soon be awakened, and to stop him, there is only one way: to find the artifact before the demons and devils succeed. And it would bring peace once again upon the realms.

【About the Game】
1. Two main camps, intense competition
Along the long journey, find your companions, train together, and become the strongest lord. A whole new camp game, PK in action all day, fight for honor.
2. Fates and loves in Kunlun
Legends of Kunlun, shining bright with loves and fates, a love story between a celestial and a hellish. Fight for love, overcome the difficulties, save your loved one.
3. Holy and sacred pets, own them all you can
Encounter with variety of holy pets along the journey. Own them all, have them fight by your side, the journey is easier when you fight with your trusted partners.
4. Fantastic equipment, forge them like a blacksmith
Different types of equipment for you to forge. And even better, transforms of equipment bring your fight experience to a whole new level. Own the best sets, and you own the world.
5. Ingredients and items, all free to trade.
Ingredients to forge and items to use. Fair and unbound drop rate, freedom to trade.
6. Interesting society, interact with love
Variety of social scenes, double societies with “Camp + League”. Encounter with fellow friends, encounter with your fated love. Marriage system in the game, give an important status to your love one.

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What's New

Update news:
Newly Added 2 Artifacts-Astral Illusion-Fate/Eliminator
Newly added 3 Fashions-Dance of Dragon and Phoenix, Dark Clouds Bunny, Pure Bunny
Newly added 1 Pet-Flying Little Elephant
Newly added 6 wings-Full of Treasures, Warlord Dashing Armor, Ocean Moonrise, No Bird In Flight , Alone On The Road, The Art Of Nature
Newly added 2 Mounts-Fortune Divine Goat, Crowned Piggy
Introduce new job: Archer
Newly added 4 Mounts, 1 Wing, 4 Pets, 1 Fashion
Release Change Job Feature

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