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Feb 28, 2022

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Ever Land GAME

Everland is a turn-based, idle RPG game developed by Camel Games.

The gods once blessed this world. As a bloodline left by Horae, not only do you possess incredible strength, you also bear even bigger responsibilities.
After being fast asleep for thousands of years, a tremble has revived the dark forces. But at this moment, the gods are still in their deep sleep. Only mortals can save this world.
Perhaps, your father could have helped you take on this burden, but now, he has disappeared without a trace too.
In your rush, you took up the important quests left by your father to become the new heart of time. Walk among the seven civilizations to meet like-minded partners who will travel with you on the path to search for and rescue your father.
How many secrets are waiting on the path ahead? What conspiracies are hiding behind the dark forces?
As an adventurer who hid for 3,000 years, you must set out.

Gameplay Features

Epic Graphics with an Exciting Story
The game features an immersive 3D story experience with exquisite graphics, creating a world rich in details and an intense feeling of actually being in the game. With an enormous world view, each and every fascinating story is waiting for you to discover, and a series of exciting adventures are waiting for you to experience. The sword and sorcery themes will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Tons of Heroes Waiting for You to Encounter
There are over 100 heroes from all over the world just waiting for you to meet! Each hero has their own unique story. Cultivate the heroes to deepen your bond and understand their past even better.

Subdivided Classes for In-depth Training
In the subdivided transfer system, every base class has two completely different branches, so you can easily make adjustments according to your formation. Only you can decide what position the hero has!

Tons of Boss to Defeat
Over 20 bosses are waiting to challenge you! Form your team of 5 heroes and combine various skills specifically for each boss to win the ultimate victory!

Rebuild the Islands for Prosperity
Rome wasn’t built in a day! Along with the story’s progress, only the island that belongs to you will slowly recover prosperity, and more citizens will come to your island. The merchants or the tavern. The inn or the blacksmiths. You will personally build and manage everything! Take it easy during the intense battles.

Easy Idle Gameplay to Collect Resources
Real-life is busy, but you can get resources easily even when you are offline! It doesn't matter if you are forging equipment or cultivating characters, as long as you’ve built a home, you can play whenever you like and never fall behind.
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