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So it happened ... One day you were tested and found two strips. Congratulations, you have become a young mother, and soon in your kingdom will be replenishment! Maternity is the main goal, the mission of a woman on this planet, it is through him that it is realized as a person and a person, exercise for pregnant women. A lady who did not give birth on her own will hardly be called a full-fledged woman. They live for themselves, take care of themselves, support the figure in its original form, but let's be honest, no matter how rude it may sound - they are selfish. Of course, pregnancy signs early every woman decides and chooses her own way of life, baby stuff to buy most importantly, that he was conscious, and at the end of his life did not have to regret the wrong choice of a pill. Well, it's closer to the topic ...

Pregnancy is the process of sacrificing the health, physical beauty and attractiveness of a woman in favor of another new person. It is during the birth that the ladies lose their pristine youth, beauty and collect all the extra not nishtyaki, such as: excess weight, stretch marks, diastase, first symptoms of pregnancy, cellulite and other byaka. You were thin and sonorous, but nine months have passed, and your brave forms have fallen, signs of early pregnancy and the beauty has faded. But how good are our women? The fact that a certain percentage of them are not ready to put up with "obablenie" and in every way want to keep themselves in shape even during pregnancy. That's from such "holders of forms" and received applications to talk about the correct process of organizing physical activity for parturient women in general, as well as exercises for pregnant women in particular when can you get pregnant. All the details in a few seconds ...

Of course, pregnancy date calculator we will start our article from afar, from Kamchatka, for on the Internet little information is given to women in the situation, and the number of the latter is growing every day.

It's no secret that the process of finding an interesting position in the vast majority of women is the same, exercise for pregnant women. They go to the decree and rush into all the heavy ones, namely they cease to hold themselves in their hands and come off in full. Usually the decomposition includes the following items:

late rise;
overlapping on sweet;
constant stress and depression;
all about pregnancy;
minimal physical activity - a shop, newborn baby stuff homemade casserole, paddock of domestic animals (not husband :);
sticking on TV shows;
constant communication with her friends on the phone.
However, there are more conscious citizens (and I still think they are now reading these lines), who want to be active and keep the form as much as possible, though they do not quite know exactly how and what to do in this situation. We'll talk about this now. The main criterion for all the actions of the woman in labor during the interesting period should be the preservation of common sense, the expediency of actions and the avoidance of extremes. A few words about the last incarnation ...

Fitness and exercise during pregnancy - hyperactivity, signs that you are pregnant which in the limit can lead to abortion and premature birth. In turn, the small activity and amoeba of a woman can lead to complications and complications of childbirth weekly pregnancy calendar. Thus, in all it is necessary to search for the golden mean, namely, the optimal level of loads corresponding to your state of the organism and its degree of fitness.

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