Expenses Manager : Money manager & Budget planner APK

Expenses Manager : Money manager & Budget planner


Manage your expenses seamlessly and intuitively with Expenses Manager!


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May 18, 2022

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Expenses Manager : Money manager & Budget planner App

This is the best money manager app for you if you are a salaried employee, a business person or a homemaker. We have the most comprehensive money manager & budget planner app to help you manage your income and expenses. You can create multiple budgets for different categories like, household, grocery, shopping, travel, etc. - we'll remind you when it's time to stick to them!

Our expense tracker gives you a detailed analysis of each month, year and even a week of your expenses, so you always know where your money goes. With your easy to read and informative charts and graphs, you can always know if you need to save more.

The app has the best interface which is very easy to use and navigate through.

All of this without ever exposing your data. We respect your privacy and understand the sensitive nature of your data. That’s why your financial data never reaches our servers and always stays on your device under your ownership.

Key Highlights
Creating budgets is an essential thing to managing finances. Create a month-wise budget across all categories, and we will help you stay track by predicting if you’re likely to overshoot your set budget.

You'll get a detailed analysis of your transactions & category wise breakdowns, to help you make better decisions with your budget. Easy to read graphs will show your expense and income trends throughout a month.

Tags are a unique way to further categorize your transactions and to track your spending on specific items. You can use tags as a sub-category, or as a vendor. You can even use tags as an account to manage your personal and business accounts separately while getting a cumulative view.

Google Drive backup
You can create a backup of your data on your Google Drive to ensure only you have access to it.

The app provides you with 14 categories for spending and 4 for income, as a starting point. You can edit these categories or add new ones according to your needs.

Payment modes
You can create your own payment modes and then select them while adding a transaction. Adding the mode of payment with a transaction will let you see how much you've spent/earned using each payment mode.

Although we put our sincere efforts to enhance your experience with each update of the app, we do appreciate your little yet precious contributions towards the development of the app. Contact us from the app and let us know why you like/dislike our app, and what you would like to see in the app in future.
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