ExZentric Clock Live Wallpaper APK

ARTware ExZentric Clock's connected hands create interesting patterns.

Version2.20 (22)
UpdatedNov 27, 2019 (10 months ago)
CategoryApps, Personalization

The live wallpaper (LWP) ExZentric Clock has its minute hand attached to the end of the hour hand and the second hand to the end of the minute hand. This simple change results in somewhat complicated but beautiful patterns and an interesting challenge to tell the time.
Please upgrade to the ARTware Clock Collection for more settings like AM/PM time-format, more background colors, size, (widget like) screen placement and many more clocks (Astro, GeoMetric, MonDriaNoid, DeKonstr, KruKru, MulTi, Grid, ReGular, 2Timer, TimeMachine, HashTag, Graph and OnTime)

The Free ExZentric Clock app is written to run well (small program) on most Android devices 2.1 and higher.This and all other ARTware apps have no advertising or in app charges.The ARTware apps run on most devices including Google's Nexus tablets and Nexus phones.

For "first time" Live Wallpaper users (after download):
Please go to Wallpapers -> Live Wallpaper -> ExZentric
Please email us for any problems, questions or suggestions

Be Excentric!
ARTware+Software with NO Advertising
(Swiss+made modern minimal analog/digital apps)

What's New

2.20 Upgrade to run on the latest Versions of Android
2.15 Updates to fulfill new launch requirements
2.00 Small changes move to Android Studio dev environment
1.90 Extended Background color selection
1.85 Small mostly internal changes which made the tiny program even smaller.
1.80 Fixed text size and placement for high resolution phones and tablets

Email: kuba@artifar.com

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