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eyeWinq: free & intuitive blink reminder that helps lubricate dry eyes naturally

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Do your eyes get tired while using a tablet or smartphone? eyeWinq is the solution for you in the shape of an app - your natural dry eye doctor. For free!

eyeWinq is an unobtrusive, intuitive and customizable blink reminder that prompts your eyes to continue the vital blinking process, even if you are absorbed by your e-book or just surfing the internet on your tablet or phone. Thus the dry, burning, scratchy feeling caused by the Dry Eyes Syndrome can be eased.

With its customizable features, you can easily set the blink reminder to fit your natural and aesthetic needs. Your eyes stay moist and comfortable naturally – no eye drops, no surgery, no dry eyes. Pay attention to your eye health and fitness - your children and family can benefit too!

The eyeWinq features

eyeWinq is free. Download it now!

: Spoilt the choice
Select one of three appealing blink reminder animations (your children will like them too)

: Be a diva
Set where, how often, how long and in which size the blink reminder shall appear

: Be the boss
Define apps for which you don't want the blink reminder to appear (i.e. games, video, etc). We've made some pre-selections for your comfort

: Fancy some movement?
Switch on the vibration feature for a haptic reminder

: Final degree
Learn more on the Dry Eyes Syndrome, its causes, symptoms and the ways to treat it

: First-rate
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eyeWinq is a perfect supplement to your set of health care, sport, fitness, weight & diet apps!

Relieve your dry eyes naturally – download eyeWinq for free!

Email: info@eyewinq.com

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