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Face Aging :Make Me Old Photo Editor to create image modify using old stickers

Welcome to Face Face Aging :Make Me Old 2019 It is Age Face Booth App face changer Photo Editor application and makeup editor to modify user image using many old man predefined stickers.

Wondering how you would look as an old man? No longer need to do it! Age Face app is typical face aging booth machine. Just add photo (from gallery or camera) and watch your scary old man face and makeup editor ;)Aging:Make Me Old,Age Face app is typical face aging booth machine,Face changer

- Convert yourself into an aging old grandpa, add glasses or monocle and a funny mustache or beard.
- Immediately save the image to your gallery or share it with popular social services such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Google Plus.

This application was made possible by intensive research into the effects of aging on skin wrinkles and color. The best results are when you take a photo while looking straight into the camera.

Make me old photo editor is nice photo editor app to look in old like 60 year old man. Make me old face changer or Make me old photo maker is awesome app to get entertain yourself and your friends and makeup editor.
This is the “best photo editor” app that uses the “make me old” photo system. Use this old people face app and enjoy your retirement. When you download this make me older image editing app, you will get the best picture aging app ever. You will laugh at how this old people face changer works and how funny you look old. The name of the app is Make Me Old Face Changer and it is the best aging photo app for you.
Old Face is typical face aging booth machine. Aging:Make Me Old,Age Face app is typical face aging booth machine,Face changer
- Nice User interface which simple to use
- Great prank app to entertain with your friends!
- Make an edited picture taken directly with your camera or from the gallery!
- We give you a variety of old face filters and stickers to place them in the pic!
- Zoom in and out, move around, make the stickers match your face perfectly!
- Save the new photo montage and share it with your friends!
- Easy to use “make me old photo editor” on your phone or tablet!


- Tap on start
- Upload a picture from the gallery or take directly from the Camera.
- Select sticker, wirnked skin, beard, old age glasses, old age hair
- Adust according to you face size
Aging Booth Face Changer!

Aging isn’t scary when know what to expect. With Make Me Old 2019, get answers to “How will I look when I’m old?” and have some fun at the same time.

Let Your Camera Show You the Future

Hilarious Animations in the Photo Booth

Oldify lets you make funny faces or body gestures as an old person, and it offers hilarious animations that you can show to your friends. With Make Me Old 2019,

When you download Make Me Old 2019, you have many free tools at your disposal for changing your face. Prepare yourself for aging by facing your old age while you’re still young. Huffington Post says that Make Me Old 2019 is, “the perfect way to confront your own mortality during the springtime of your life!”


Make Me Old 2019 is one of the best photo booth games in the Android store, offering the following fun features:

● Make your face old with your android device camera
● A fun photo booth app to age yourself
● Snap a funny pic of your old self making old-timer gestures
● Take a picture of yourself when you’re 10, 20, or even 100 years older
● Share your face changer photos online with friends
● Answer the question, “How will my face look when I’m old?”
● Change your age and record video

Select Your Age

Find out what your face will look like when you’re 20, 40, 60, 80, or 99 years older!

Are you curious to know, how will you look when you get old or want to see your old face. With this super cool photo editor app you can make yourself or your friends old.

Share results with your friends and family members. Enjoy, it is FREE!