Face scanner: what celebrity do you look like? APK

Which celebrity is like me? Who is my celeb twin? What celebrity looks like you?

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UpdatedOct 21, 2020 (1 month ago)
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Are you often confused with some celebrity? Want to compare yourself with a star?
✓ Find out what celebrities look like you with our Face Scanner app!

How does it work?
For the analysis of photography, a neural network is used, as well as a database of celebrities whose number exceeds 1000. Among celebrities are actors, athletes, musicians, singers. A face detector recognizes your face, receives metadata and compares it with data in the cloud. The result is displayed as a percentage.
With machine learning, it’s easy to understand if I look like a celebrity!

Who am I like?
To compare with a star, you can take a photo or download from the gallery. It is better to use those photos in which your face is clearly visible and good lighting is used. Analyzed: eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth. You can share the results on social networks with your friends.
We do not store your photos!
Do you look like a celebrity?
Most likely, each of us wondered: what does my double look like? Or maybe your double is one of the famous personalities! Deep machine learning will answer these questions very quickly.

Which of the stars looks like you?
Maybe you have long been waiting for the doubles competition? Or maybe you have a twin? You can test this theory with one touch - the face recognizer is always ready to help you. Find out right now by simply analyzing the photos!

Sincerely, the developers.

What's New

- The logic of recognition fixed
- Added ability to crop a picture

Email: tikamoriapps@gmail.com

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