Face Swap Seamless APK

Swap faces with most realistic effects.

Version1.2 (4)
UpdatedMar 05, 2020 (11 months ago)
DeveloperPhoto Cool Apps
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Face Swap app is amazing app to swap faces within same photo or in different photos with most realistic effect.

Face Swap uses highly advanced 'Artificial Intelligence' to detect and swap faces from pictures. Rather than just cut and paste, Face Swap provides 'Seamless Cloning' to blend faces on other faces perfectly thus giving the most realistic effect.

Face Swap gives you a magical experience of face swapping with friends and families. Transform to any new face you like in a second.

Faces Swap is the best Face Swapper and is filled with awesome features:

1. Face Swap in same Photo - Faces Swap lets you Swap Faces between people in same photo. Swap Faces works by detecting Faces in the photo and switches the faces naturally and make the faces natural by applying our algorithms to make faces look natural. Smooth Photo Blend, Blends the swapped faces.

2. Face Swap Between pictures - You can select 2 pictures and Faces Swap will swap the faces between the Pictures you selected. Face Swapper swaps your face with friends faces. Photo Blender that is part of app blends faces smoothly.

Features: (Simple and Impressive Results)

> Select photo / photos from gallery or capture from camera.
> Apply Face Swap
> Save and Share with your friends and family.

Make fun selfie every day with Face Swap. Try Now!!

Email: photocoolapps@gmail.com

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