Fairy Jump Up APK

Play the entertaining fairy jumping game and enter the magical forest

Version1.9 (9)
UpdatedNov 24, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperEnergy Fun
CategoryGames, Arcade

You will meet the cutest little heroine as soon as you download free the latest Fairy Jump Up app. It is created for boys and girls of all ages. The main protagonist is lovely mythical being. She has adorable pink dress like the one from your dreams. The magic wand she holds has a heart on its top and it leaves a sparkling trace of star dust behind it. She is in trouble right now so hurry up and help her. Install this new game and get ready for the best jumping challenge. Become the brave hero and enter the deep forest. The sun rays cannot make their way through the dense tree crowns. Although it is noon it seems like it is the midnight as it is very dark. With the top Fairy Jump Up you will have the chance to enjoy the sensational scenery. The only source of light is the cool old lantern that hangs on the ancient tree. Help the fairy jump on the multicolored platforms and see how far she can keep on jumping. Move your smartphone to the left and right and do not let her fall. Set up a new high score and challenge your friends. If you see the spring pick it up because then your pink heroine will be able to bounce higher. Many enemies hide in the dark forest and they will surely try to interfere with your jumpy mission. You should be very careful and avoid them at all cost. Also if you see the magnificent shield be sure to pick it up. It is colored with intense green and you will spot it easily. Collect it and it will protect you from the dragons as they will be your main enemy while you play this cool game. Share with your friends the popular Fairy Jump Up and it will entertain them magnificently.
Now is the high time to discover the spirit of the adventurer in you. Step in the darkest forest and help the pink fairy jump onto every colorful platform. If you see the sneakers collect them because they will help your heroine bounce much higher. Move your smartphone to the left and to the right and reach the amazing heights. Organize among your friends the popular jumping competition and try to be the best. Set unreachable high score and everyone will envy you. With the top Fairy Jump Up your heroine will be the most beautiful mythical being dressed in the fabulous pink dress. Stay focused and do not let her fall. You can play this sensational game for hours and it will surprise you with the breathtaking magical scenery. The sparkling blue dots will make you feel like you have entered the world of fantasy. You will be entertained in a completely different way. While you help the young fairy in her jumping mission make sure to collect all the butterflies you see. They are colored with vivid pink or red paint. They will accelerate her and she will become unstoppable together with you. Many dangerous mythical creatures will try to interfere with your jumping adventure. Do not be afraid of them but jump and get the highest score while you try to bounce away from the dragons of the darkest forest. Do not think twice but download free the latest Fairy Jump Up game application and prepare to enter the world of the fantasy.
 Free entertaining jumping game
 Endless platforms to jump onto
 Various objects for acceleration and sneakers for higher jump
 Dangerous enemies to avoid
 Fantastic shields for protection

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